large yacht docked at the marina


My first stay at this Hotel was in 1970. In those days the style was sleek, modern with ocean blue fabric and a sparse decor that was impeccable. The location is the finest and no other Hotel in Fort Lauderdale can rival the 66.

Ali A.

World class marina, excellent staff, great views, great events, great service to the community.

Evan S.

My favorite memory was the first time I took my wife to Pier Sixty-Six. It’s such a beautiful place, it’s romantic; the view is one of the finest you can find anywhere.

Don C.

With waterfront views and a water taxi away from beaches, it truly is heaven. Walking the docks near the Marina at sunset is divine!

Jesse A.

When I was a little kid, I had so many great memories with my grandfather. Now I wonder about the new wonderful memories I can have with my own son and my own family at Pier Sixty-Six.

Marlan N.

The view at the marina is top notch. The boats were big and beautiful. The sun setting in the West was a sight to behold.

David P.

We’ve been slip renters at Pier66 for several seasons and have yet had a bad experience. The knowledgeable and helpful staff is always there to help or answer questions. Communication about things happening at The marina from the front office is also top shelf.

Jimmy C.